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CEMENTO — Machinery, Spares & Services for Cement Industry

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Belt Conveyors & Stockyard Machinery

Cemento can assist you in the design and manufacture process of efficient belt conveyor systems with lengths from a few meters up to several kilometres, covering a wide variety of materials including all types of ore: coal, petroleum coke, phosphates, fertilizers, iron and others minerals.

Munir Associates also provides turnkey solutions for stockyard machinery including fixed and travelling stackers, circular and longitudinal stockyards, combined bucket wheel stacker reclaimers, to various industries such as energy, ports, mining, oil & gas, steel & cement sectors.

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Bucket Elevators & Pan Conveyors

Cemento specializes in the development of turnkey high quality solutions for vertical bucket elevators and pan conveyors to clients in various industries such as energy, ports, mining, oil & gas, steel and cement sectors, and covering a wide variety of materials with capacities of up to tens of thousands of tonnes per hour.

Pan conveyors customized according to client’s requirements, designed to suit slopes matching the angle of repose of the conveyed bulk material. Pan conveyors covers a large range of applications, from small capacities and horizontal conveying routes to high capacities and lifts

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Industrial Gear Units

Cemento provides mill gear units for medium and large vertical mills for coal, raw material and clinker in Cement industry. Mill gear units are very critical and absolute precision and reliability of the mill gear units are essential for running a cement plant efficiently.

The process of producing cement represents an enormous challenge in modern plant engineering and within the cement process, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and the transmission of heat and materials determine the quality of the product and the manufacturer’s competitiveness. Mill gear units are a decisive factor here.

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